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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  April 13, 2017 1:47pm-1:52pm EDT

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atlanta. sean spicer asked about that during the briefing. if you missed this you can see it online at more live programming today about this afternoon. the senior director will talk about national security for the center of strategic and international studies at 3:30 p.m. eastern. philadelphia's marking that and what freedom the event and the topic is the u.s. constitution and the future of freedom focusing on what james madison and what the other founders presidency,of congress, courts, and media. tonight at 8:00, of discussion on prescription drug in action in the united states. the southern california panel will examine the relationship between the fda, for mr. book of companies, and others. here is a preview. what we are experiencing here is that people have to understand that prescription jug of trees -- drug abuse is some
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of the new nominal. we've drugs issuing in in the mid 80's and it was the mid-1990's where we saw scene, wherethe the big pharmaceutical companies were making huge money on the medications and they were put out there because the world health organizations said we were under treating pain. there are too many people in pain. the answer was more and more drugs. when i was getting out of residency i bought into this a hundred percent. it is what i was taught. the drugs that were long-acting were supposed to be safer. what happened was there was a of writing these medications and they were extremely profitable. what happens is you saw this up and take of people being placed ofopioids for all types pain. chronic pain, acute pain. but we got into a problem because there was no education for the position for this.
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they started to write these medications and you go in and get your tooth taken out, root canal, and you get over 90 vicodin. the problem is no one knows exactly the time frame, but it could be anywhere from days to weeks depending on your genetics that a present could be wildly addicted to these medications, that fast. see all of that discussion at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. here are some of the programs this holiday weekend. saturday at epb eastern, a nasa briefing on seven earthlike planets orbiting a nearby star. >> we are currently using the hubble space go -- telescope to determine a planets have >> those of us that do this, we
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think all plans are gmo's because there is nothing that stores,a new grocery whether it is organic or conventional that hasn't been modified. eastern, at 10:30 a.m. the easter egg roll event from the last four -- last four presidents. to the africant history museum in washington. >> i knew the nation was thirsty for this museum, but i didn't know that the reaction would be this positive and the strong. p.m., a panel of federal judges discussing the history of the bill of rights. >> what the bill of rights is the part of the whole constitution that is usually important. division of power. >> followed by discussion with -- scortin.t and
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our collection is a hundred 56 million objects and other things. >> at 6:30 p.m. eastern, discusstial historians presidential leadership. it is interesting that the greatest american president, byaham lincoln, is bracketed the least successful american presidents. >> this holiday weekend on c-span. next up, a look at how gender and race affected the presidential election. as well as other topics. the university of minnesota's public affairs hosted the discussion after the inauguration. speakers include authors and from two universities. it is about 90 minutes. >>


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